Sawaba FM is a full-service format radio station designed to serve as a
source of edutainment for our listeners. The station delivers excellent, innovative & progressive radio programming that questions challenges and

Providing in-depth news coverage, educational programming, tackling current affairs, and serving information on trends and contemporary living as well as entertainment. For us, a holistic engagement with our listeners is the goal, serving as their one-stop platform for all the information and entertainment they need.

The demography of our audience spans 18 to 65 years of age. As a full-service station, we seek to provide edutainment and have pulled to our services a wide representation of the population.

Women, youth, and men within this demography have come to identify with the station and rely on us as their source for news, information, and entertainment. You will find them tuned to Sawaba from sun up when we begin transmission to late night when we say goodbye.

Sawaba has some of the best talents and brains in the media business in northern Nigeria on its team. The editorial staff is made-up of quality journalists, we also have a well-staffed news department, quality producers, and researchers.

From our On-Air personalities to News anchors, we have sought out people with In-Depth understanding of the local culture and grasp of issues, expressive and persuasive, good communicators with a good sense of humour. We place a premium on people who strive for excellence, with the ability for empathy and care.

Located in Hadeja the second most populous local government area in Jigawa state, Sawaba transmits on a 5kw transmitter and is heard all over 60% of the state. From Ringim to Jahun, GUMEL TO MAIGATARI, KIYAWA, TAURA, GURI, KAFIN HAUSA, MAIGATARI AND KIRI KASAMMA to mention a few.


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